Reconstruction of the bridge and the junction of main road no. 3 and no. 21 at Hatvan

Year of design:   2013 - 2014
Client(s):   Hatvan Város Önkormányzata
Year of construction:   2014
Contractor(s):   K-H Konzorcium (KÖZGÉP Zrt. - A-HÍD Építő Zrt.)
Structure:   Four-span continuous steel bridge. Through arch bridge with orthotropic deck box girder at the span above the railway („A-B”), twin girdered beam bridge at the other openings (from „B" until „E” support).
Span(s):   56.0 - 32.0 - 24.0 - 20.0 m
Structural height:   1.60 m
Width of the superstructure:   20,50m


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