Hármas-Kőrös bridge at Endrőd

Hármas-Kőrös bridge at Endrőd
Year of design:   2009
Client(s):   SK 2008 Consortium (Strabag Zrt., Közgép Zrt.)
Year of construction:   2009 - 2010
Structure:   river bridge: tied steel arch bridge with ortotropic deck side spans: reinforced concrete girder bridges
Span(s):   18,62+4x18,67+50,00+17,83+17,34+17,31 m
Width:   13,80 m (2,65 m+8,50 m+2,65 m)
Structural height:   0,94 m (steel bridge)
1,54 m (reinforced concrete bridges)

2010. június 2.

The Bridge on Hármas-Körös at Endrőd is ready

The Technical Transferr Process is finished about the Bridge on Hármas-Körös at Endrőd , which is on Road 46, at section 41+235. In the same time, the one-way at a time traffic, was eliminated. The traffic now can cross both ways, but the traffic lanes are narrowed, until the Order of Temporary Activating is given.

The structure of bridge was reclaimed and rebuilt many times. The final shape of the bridge was made like the shape before all rehabilitation in 1967-68. The flood bridges were strengthen because of overload in 1985. The exsisting structure was highly delapidated, it couldn’t fulfil needs of the traffic, so the rehabilitaion of the whole structure became cogent.

Within the rehabilitaiton works, both the river bridge and the flood bridges were given new superstructure, which includes the crossing of bicycle lanes. The substructures were reclaimed, the structural beams were converted and the accessories were rebuilt during the project.

(Source: www.nif.hu)

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