About us


Speciálterv Építőmérnöki Kft. The Speciálterv Civil Engineering Company was established is 1999.

In the beginning the range of activities were from the design of engineering structures to statical studies. Our young and dynamically developing company was dealing with building and civil-engineering design and inspection. Since 2001 road design is also in our business. Since 2002 we made detailed design plans for  bridges over and under the Hungarian Highways M0. M3, M7, M6 and M60, paralelly made plans for more than a hundred new bridges, recoveries, and corrections.

In the field of bridge design, we prefer to use unique structures. With our Bicycle bridge in Salgótarján we won the award of The Hungarian Steel Association for Best Steel Structure in 2005. Beside bridges we worked on industrial structures, and powerplants also.

In 2002 we launched the Quality Standard ISO 9001, which we use successfully since.

Since 2007 the number of our complex general design projects improved intensely. As part of these projects, the geotechnical exposures, instrumental inspections, utility designes, surveys are made with permanent sub-contractors.  We also take part in tunnel-design, and the design of connecting civil-engineering structures. In the design of Hungarian Metro line DBR 4, the detailed design for Metro station Gellért Square and the general design of Metro station under Kelenföldi Railway station were the products of our company.

Working on projects abroad is important to us. We took part in several design projects in the following places: Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Middle-East and Middle- Africa.

Since 2011 the number of complex railway projects are growing increasingly, which we manage cooperating with our partners.

Our office ensures optimal working-conditions in pleasant environment.

Gábor Pál